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Architects & Engineers Insurance Company is a Risk Retention Group (RRG) program founded in 1988. AEIC has been a stabilizing influence on the commercial marketplace. Chartered under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act, AEIC offers coverage to design firms nationally.

Today, AEIC remains the only architect & engineer “owned” insurance company, addressing the unique professional liability needs of the design community. While AEIC writes coverage for design firms of all disciplines, AEIC has become a popular alternative for specialty firms difficult to place in traditional commercial markets due to their niche practices.

Firms with professional fees in excess of $1M find AEIC’s rate structure most competitive. The AEIC program is accessible to any independent agent. AEIC also accepts submissions from wholesale agencies.


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A tribunalized Lloyd’s Coverholder, Specialty Managers Group (SMG) brings an experienced management team conversant in all facets of insurance company management to negotiate the complex global insurance market.

Selecting from the world’s leading domestic and international insurance companies, SMG connects program managers with the carrier that properly matches their program’s needs and agency’s culture.  By removing the volatility so common in carrier-agency relations, SMG provides its clients the essential advantages required in the highly competitive specialty market. Equally distracting, backroom burdens prevent program managers from achieving their mission.  SMG provides a means to clear away the obstacles to success.

Partnering with SMG allows program managers to focus on their clients, innovate within their specialty and grow their program, while providing carriers with a proven track record of underwriting performance and the highest fiduciary standards.